No matter what

It’s been two years and half since I decided to leave home and head to England. Things are different now. I was this 18 year old girl with big dreams, waiting for them to become reality starting the second week I got here. Things weren’t as I expected them to be, they were much better. From the spoiled brat who had it all and who knew to always get her way, I became this woman who’s working for some little extra money and who started a long while ago to ask herself how the hell did she manage to waste so much time on stupid things. You’d ask-how is this good change? Well, it definitely is. I’ve learned that luck is not always on your side, but you can make it be if you work and work and work again. I understood that some people are not supposed to stay in your life forever, but you’ll always keep them in your heart. Times are tough sometimes, no new clothes, no nights out, no credit on your phone. Still, you get to send your mum a cute set of pajamas, your stepdad a winter scarf and a letter saying you love and miss them and ‘how is my room?’. Plus a teardrop on the stamp.

The aim of this post is to remind myself and to those who seem to forget, that sometimes there’s going to be tears and worries and no money and no people to talk to, but these will be forgotten once all the efforts and sacrifices will pay off, once you’ll see everything was worth dreaming for. I said it before, I’m optimistic, no matter what. I find my motivation in my mum’s smile and the hope that someday I will just have what I want. The idea is: DO NOT GIVE UP, no matter what happens, no matter how many doors will be shut for you, no matter how little support you have at one particular moment, no matter how hard it is to find a gram of motivation.

I hope you’re proud of me, daddy!