Couch surfing FTW

We have finally joined the Couch Surfing community and I must admit I’m pretty hooked right now. For those who’ve never heard about it, Couch surfing is a kick ass website where people offer their sofa/ guest room/house floor/garden AT NO COST to complete strangers who need accommodation for few nights (as a host myself, I’d say no more than 3, but this is debatable) Everyone, host or ‘surfer’ must have a full profile ( the more information, the better) and there are no other main rules. Having said that, common sense is a powerful ‘passport’ when you travel via hitchhiking and couch surfing. From what I have heard and read so far, guests usually cook a traditional meal for the hosts to ‘pay back’ for the hospitality or maybe get some good wine, chocolate or similar stuff, depending on the sort of person the host is (weed to a 70 year old couple might be a little inappropriate)

Not as bad as it sounds, I stalk people’s profiles and I’m dying of envy every day a little bit more – people who have set foot on all 7 continents, who have listened to a million stories from strangers, who have spent hundreds of nights in houses whose owners they’ve just met in a bar a couple of hours before (that sounds naughty, I know, but you get the real meaning). All this sounds pretty scary for some and I totally get why. However, recently I’ve got into this risk-it-all mood and I have no regrets. These past 2 days we’ve been  hosting our first ‘surfer’ guests: one Italian guy, a Romanian girl and another Polish one and we couldn’t have asked for a better first experience of this type. We enjoyed a great meal, discussed about the difference between romani (gypsies) and români (Romanian), flamenco and fado, Polish/Italian/Romanian traditions and we shared great hitchhiking experiences while drinking the famous Porto wine. Next week we’re welcoming two more guys (an American raised in Africa and a British/Australian who have traveled to over 100 countries combined) and we’re very excited about this whole experiences which, in my opinion, is a great way to educate ourselves in regards to the world around us.

I dream of calling myself a globetrotter one day, knowing much more about different cultures, breaking stereotypes, getting lost in places I’ve only seen in front of the computer and, one day, luckily finding HOME  in one of these corners of the world.

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