Her name is Lilou I


Paris, March 2nd, 9 a.m

She wakes up without the alarm, like always. She doesn’t remember much about  what happened last night, though she recalls some wine glasses on the floor and few empty bottles of  some fancy french wine with weird name. But why is she alone? Her clothes are nicely folded on the mahogany trunk at the end of the bed and there’s a big glass of water with some pills on the bedside and a note:

“I thought you might need these when you’re up. Sorry we didn’t manage to say proper good-bye. My plane leaves at 7 a.m and I have to go. Thank you for last night! I had no idea spying on people from a balcony would be so much fun. À bientôt, Lilou!

P.S. We didn’t go on the ‘wooden roller coaster’, don’t you worry! Your stomach didn’t feel like going on a ride. Also, you might want to call your friend Véronique and apologize. Bisous! Luca. “

More images from the night before are coming back to her. “What did you do, Nora?” keeps asking herself, holding her head under the pillow. 45 minutes later, she’s out of the shower in her silky dressing-gown she got as a Christmas present from her mum and types in a number on her scratched old phone. No one picks up and, embarrassed, decides to leave a voice-mail:

-Morning, Ave! -5 seconds pause- Right, I have no clear idea on what in the world happened last night, but I need youuuuuuuu- plays a silly song trying to be funny. Ahem!  Please come to mine! There’s gonna be croissants and caramel latte and crepes with jam, just how you like it.  I’ll even get you jelly beans and macaroons. All waiting for you”

Giving up on the hope that Ave will come over, she finally gets a text: “10 macaroons just for me and, for god’s sake, woman, make me a full Irish breakfast with a glass of black stuff!”

On the balcony of a 5th floor studio, Nora and Ave are enjoying breakfast, laughing and gossiping about the night before, cursing alcohol while drinking a glass of Guinness.

– I tell you, Nora! One day, these 2 french bitches, Lilou and Véronique, are gonna get us in big trouble!

To be continued…

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