Thursday evening

I’m sat in my balcony, freezing my ass off, drinking some boiled water with some squeezed lemon in it (lemon tea sounds way too fancy for this). I’m thinking it’s one of the last evenings admiring the cat poo on the roof opposite our balcony and the nice sunset somewhere behind our building, listening to the cute but oh-so-annoying seagulls. I could probably get emotional about leaving this place behind, but the poo smell really does the trick keeping the tears away. I’ll write a proper post on my experience in Porto, but, at the moment, I can only say I’m actually happy to go back to England. It’s been a great year with its crap and candy which made me realize the more-rainy-and-windy-than-Britain land of Porto wine is never going to be home, even though it was here where I met the one person who made this year the best.  I can only be grateful to have had this opportunity to check another European country off my list as for me traveling (the very small amount I have done so far) is trying to discover my way HOME and I’m quite sure I have a long way left.

These days it’s all about exams, looking for a flat in Southampton (The Super Polish, The Super Chick and I are moving in together this September coming, trying to put together our very own F.R.I.E.N.D.S. set), packing and day dreaming about VW festivals, camping and some more traveling.