Village girl – my dream house

I was brought up in a small village in Romania and wherever I would go and live in the world I will always be a village girl, no matter the stereotype around this term. Despite the big disadvantage of having no privacy whatsoever as everyone knows everyone and people are usually very fond of gossip, I loved my life in the village: fresh milk everyday, walks in the woods with the girls, picking grapes, pumpkins, corn and watermelons from the field with our grandparents, growing our own fruits and vegetables in the little garden next to the house and making all sorts of jams, chutneys, compotes for the winter days, walking all day long in bare feet or feeding the chickens, rabbits, ducks, pigs and other animals in the farm.

I haven’t changed much since and I still dream of a small cottage in the country side with my own little garden where I can grow plenty of greens. Since I moved to England I developed a huge interest in interior/outdoor decorating and property development and I have turned this into a great hobby that I enjoy everyday with the help of mighty Internet. Using my lifestyle in the village and the way we used to do things back when I was a child as an inspiration, I’m always looking to put together the house of my dreams, from a practical point of view.

When it comes to defining my style in terms of decorating, I would say I would see myself in a rustic environment, a thatched roof cottage outside the city, plenty of wood, furniture made of  roots of trees, hard wood or stone floor and massive open fireplace, beams, comfy sofas, big bookcases and rocking chairs next to a small little table where I can write, read and do all the paperwork. All this does sound like a retirement plan, but it really doesn’t have to be. Stick in there a couple of beers on a wooden table in front of a projected image of a great film in the garden and we have a perfect picture.


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To a special someone

We met on Sunday afternoon, June 9th, 2013. I was stupidly tired after my Porto-London flight, my stomach was dreaming bacon sandwich, burgers and pancakes (and some more others), I was dehydrated with swollen ankles and just needed a good 20 hours sleep. With all that, after finally meeting those 2 blue eyes, I have fallen in love irreversibly and completely forgot about everything else.  This is a letter for the special someone who stole my heart.


My lovely goddaughter, Sofia,

The moment I touched your little fingers and I held you in my arms, minutes after you were born was the happiest thing I have ever experienced. It’s been 2 days since and I still can’t take my eyes off you. I know we’re going to have the best fun with dirty nappies and being sick all over place, doing silly dances to make you smile and singing to you random lullabies. You’ll grow up and we’ll go for a walk in the park, going on swings and trampolines, screaming our lungs out (you for fun, me for getting you to stop jumping fences). And after a while you will come to visit with Chloe and your mummy and daddy and I’ll have a cupboard full of sweets just for you. Your mummy will give me a funny look so I’ll just a sneak some cookies behind her back. And you’ll draw me cards with weird shaped characters on and you’ll make me the happiest godmother ever. And I might not be able to afford all the expensive toys and fancy baby accessories, but I promise to give you all my attention, my best advice for you to become a great person and all my heart.

I look forward to watch you grow, my tiny little princess and I just hope you will have an amazing life and you will be the happiest baby! I love you already so, so much!


All my love,

Your godmother, Malina.