In the mood for love.

Cheesy, lame, pathetic, naive. I’ve been called this and many more when talking about romance/love/etc. Truth is I probably am all this. Do I have any regrets? Not even one. I love being in-love. I love romantic scenes, holding hands and just spending a quiet night in, watching a good film with the person that makes me smile without even doing anything special. True love or not, every story has its own magic and you keep all the good memories from the first look to the first kiss, from the first ‘I love you!’ to ‘Take care, M!’

And there are many who think showing people what you feel, love, affection, true friendship, compassion are all silly things and are not worth the hassle as sooner or later you get disappointed. You might do, but boy, does it feel amazing when you feel you’re loved!



Weird happy phase

Yes, I’m going through a weird, happy phase. There’s more than 20 post drafts to work on, university work, my Go Outdoors job, food shopping lists, recipes, business plans, travel lists, travel piggy-bank, calendars (x2), diary, rent and bills to pay, more lists, more, more, more….. It’s all manic, but it’s all happening. I’m becoming an adult and I freakin’ love it.

I moved in with Larisa and life in this shared 6 bedroom house we live in could fill many other blog posts. We have waited for this almost 2 years in which we have never changed our mind or lost our hope. It’s all great so far, though I’m still working on making her wear bloody pyjamas during the night. 2 months since we’ve been living here and people still think we’re a couple. Great success and amazing fun!

There’s many projects I’m working on, blog posts about them and some other things I have been interested in lately. I’m planning to finally start writing more often and hoping this phase will last forever.

What are you doing these days?1383857_545992632140188_880065676_n