What now?

I keep getting asked what’s happening now that I’ve finished university and I have a degree in languages. The answer is: I’m living. And well. There are some plans after summer that I won’t talk about now as it’s too early, but for the moment I am taking it easy.
It’s been 4 long years which, in all honesty, I didn’t enjoy that much, beside my year abroad in Portugal. Long, tiring commuting, going to work straight after or before lectures, barely any new uni friends wasn’t necessarily what people have in mind when thinking of uni life. But it’s all gone and I have no regrets whatsoever. I’m fully aware society wants us to get a full time job and get stuck in an office just because “you know, you have a degree now, you spent so much money on it”. I went to uni for myself. If I never get to use my degree I’m not going to cry though I’m sure I will be able to put my collection of foreign languages in practice with what I have in mind for the future.
At the moment, I’m still enjoying my time at Go Outdoors, trying to save up as much as possible. Between working,  looking for other summer jobs and planning for what comes after summer, I’m just living my life well and happily. I finally get to see friends and go out. Larisa and I wake up really early and go for morning walks in the big park next to our house or for proper sunset fun (icecream, cider, board games etc.), we get to play tennis more often, go through that big list of films that we have to watch still and I finally cook more for her, which feels great. Soon enough I’ll go visit my baby cousin/goddaughter Sofia and her beautiful sister Chloe, hoping we can spend some quality time together and my mum is coming soon for my graduation which it will make this summer 3 times more awesome than any other summer.
And there’s so much more stuff I have planned for the months coming. List freak, here you go:
– read more;
– start doing yoga; (yeah, I laughed too when I decided this, but I will give everything a try)
– go camping
– go to Brighton pride. Eeeeek.
– go to the beach. One of the sandy ones around. Or Isle of Wight.
– make elderflower lemonade. My mum used to make this for me when I was younger and it’s literally the best thing ever. Beside the cherry vodka that she makes.
– go to Brighton Breeze, the VW campervan festival on Brighton pier and another classic car show anywhere in Hampshire.
– go for long walks in the woods (one thing I don’t like about the UK is that you can’t free camp in the woods, just like that, which in Scandinavia, for example, is very common. Naughty UK)
– go roller disco. 😀
– dance, dance, dance. Club, streets, my room in my knickers.
– go see Lucy Spraggan ♡
– hopefully go away for a weekend with Larisa to someplace new.
– write more nonsense on this blog.
– go to car boot sales and search for my beautiful old red suitcase.
– be happy and enjoy the most stupid little thing ever that makes me smile.

What are you doing this summer?